Necessary Requirements

1.) No more than three negative accounts, no collection accounts within the past six months & no bankruptcies (in the last seven years).

2.) Two years of verifiable positive rental history for each applicant with NO evictions.

3.) Verifiable net income of two times rent after taxes & payments of debts. 

4.) At least one year of verifiable employment history.

5.) Must have a valid SS# or Tax ID with established credit.

Sorry, no pets

Applications are processed in order of receipt. The first applicant who:

1.) Pays the $150 holding deposit fee (at time of application)

2.) Fills out application completely and turns in ALL required documents

3.) Is approved, and pays the balance of required move-in cost after approval will get the apartment.

Your application will be processed within 5 to 7 business days!

Security Deposit for all apartments is $700

If applicants qualify the $150 holding deposit will be applied to the move-in cost. 

If applicants do not qualify, there will be a deduction of $35 for each application processed. The remaining balance of $150 will be refunded by mail within ten days after denial.



All adult prospective applicants must bring in the application personally. Every adult applicant must apply and qualify individually on credit and rental history. 

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